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We suck.

No, really. Two years we've abandoned you. And yet somehow, you're still telling your friends about us. How did we get such awesome fans?

To reward you with your patience, we've brought you a little something. Well, someTHINGS. It might not ease the pain of two years between episodes, but hopefully it'll be a salve until we get back to the grind.

Firstly, we promised some conceptual artwork if you helped us reach 100 fans on Facebook, and we're almost to 150 now! If you head over to the Extras page, you'll see the links at the bottom. One is even digitally rendered, just for kicks. Help us to get to 200, and we'll render the rest! (And it won't take two years...)

Second, for your patience, we present to you EPISODE FIVE, in its entirety. You've been waiting two years, so we won't make you read it one act at a time. See, we DO love you!

We are working on getting some new material ready for you, but it won't be for a little while yet. Ya know, life and crap. Hopefully this will hold you over for a bit longer!

Thank you so much for your support! It means a lot!

~Kat and Zach