The first and last line between the sun coming up tomorrow and Hell on Earth

Cast of Characters

Talbot Nox

Talbot Nox is the leader of Collection Team Alpha. As if born for battle, Talbot has participated in at least one battle of every war in the Western world for the past 400 years. As a vampire, he requires large amounts of iron in his diet and the fangs to access it--usually from hemoglobin floating around in an enemy's veins--and is gifted with an increase in reaction time. He is an effective team leader, but he often defaults to Imogen's decisions.

Imogen Natura

Shifter and second-in-command of Alpha Team. Affectionately called "Momo" by her fellow team members, Imogen is an expert in Krav Maga which she mixes with her shifting abilities to great effect. She is brutal on the battlefield and all business in the office, but most people around her believe it is an act to hide her vurlnerability.

Gloria Day

Gloria is the team telepath, using her mind-reading abilities to track and interrogate her targets. An accomplished marksman, she usually hangs back to provide cover fire for Alpha Team, using her powers to draw a bead on targets that are not visible. Occasionally, she stumbles on things not noticed by others but will go into a child-like mental state and not be able to explain.

Elliot Washington

The FNG, affectionally called "Rooster" by his close friends. Elliot began his career stumbling into the arms of an escaped shifter, having Alpha Team sent to rescue him. However, his untapped abilities turned his rescuers into the rescued. As a vore, Elliot is the most flexible member of Alpha Team in terms of his abilities but lacks the dicipline to effectively control them at first. The rest of Alpha keeps a close eye on him due to his exposure to the Corruption during his hostage situation and are prepared to put him down if he becomes a threat to DarkWatch or the world at large.